Climate change vs. #GoGreen

By 2025, FAO expects a half of the population of the Earth to live in cities that will not be ready for such uncontrolled growth. New strategies are necessary that could compensate the lack of balance between the nature and the cities. Urban greening systems can efficiently minimize these problems directly influencing climate changes

Passive design

We can create designs using plants as one more component of buildings. The passive use of plant advantages has been performed for ages. Nowdays, bioclimate and sustainable design finds key allies in green roofs and vertical gardens for construction with respect to the environment.

Green area ratio: GREEN CITY

WНO establishes a minimal green area / resident ratio for 10-15 m2 to guarantee minimal quality of urban life. The use of vertical gardens and roof greening allows to increase this ratio in the areas with few soil creating green cities where one can live more healthily.

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