Biophilia: is a vital necessity

Our need in contacts with nature has been contained in our genes through the millions of years of evolution. Contacts with green areas and other live creatures bring us health, both physical and mental. Urban greening systems are a perfect solution of an issue of lack of contacts with nature that occurs when one lives in a city.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design creates environments for life and work including plants, flowers, and natural lighting to contact with nature and improve our psychological state. This trend in design is more and more based on use of vertical garden systems to improve people’s physical and mental state.

Best occupational environments

Nature decreases stress and improves people’s physical and mental state, creativity, and efficiency creating best occupational environments. Creation of vertical gardens indoor establishes esthetically pleasant environment decreasing mental fatigue, increasing the level of dopamine, and decreasing attempts to decline from work.

Healthier environments

Researches show that environments with plants decrease people’s health issues such as depression, anxiety, and nervous system changes. It is proved that patients contacting with green areas need less pain killers, their blood pressure and heart beating rate improve, and the time of their being in hospitals decreases.

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