The importance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the greatest treasure of our planet guaranteeing balance for plant life. It is very important to protect and conserve it because it is our source of food, drugs, and essential raw materials, and our social and ecinomic development depends on it. Biodiversity is a guarantee of human health and well-being. Its protection is one of our main goals nowdays.

Biodiversity and urban environment

Biodiversity protection in cities was one of the goals of a top-level Meeting in Rio, where it was recognized that it is globally necessary to combine the biodiversity protection with human progress through sustainable development. Green roofs and vertical gardens contribute to creation of urban environment (green corridors or biotopes) and improve the biodiversity conservation.

“Green city” challenge

City planning and architectural design play a key role in maintenance of long-term relationship between plant species and their environment. Their task is to create urban environment that would develop together with the existing biodiversity. For this, multidisciplinary collaboration and serious focus on urban greening systems are necessary.

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