Nature as a solution

Living walls and roofs allows to use natural processes of plants to solve multiple issues of cities and indoor environments. Their main advantages are minimizing the sick building syndrome and positive effect on the fight against climate changes. The nature is a solution for these issues.

Benefits for the environment

Plants inhibit many polluting substances from the air and increase the area of surfaces producing CO2, decrease temperature around them, establish optimal humidity through transpiration (thus minimizing the effect of hot island in cities), suppress pouring rain effects, restrain dust, and contribute to biodiversity development.

Benefits for building

Plants provide oxygen and humidity and infiltrate volatile organic polluting compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde improving the quality of indoor air. Outside, plants improve sound and thermal insulation decreasing power consumption and extend the life of waterproofing beside other benefits.

Benefits for people

Plants improve health, comfort, concentration, and productivity at workplaces. They enable us to be in contact with living creatures strengthening our biophysical needs, inspire us, and make us happy. Researches prove that plants in hospitals help reduce the duration of patients’ stay.

More benefits!

Plants in urban environment improve the quality of human life. Besides, companies with a focus on vertical gardens and green roofs get significant return of their investments on the part of marketing and improvement of corporate image as an index of corporate social responsibility.

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