Smart Pillars installed at Ebury Street, London

Taking advantage the information the industry has acquired recently about the benefits of urban greening in busy and polluted cityscapes, Scotscape Group has developed this new concept with the idea of using one existing resource of street furniture (lamp posts) vertical retrofitting of plants as a framework on which to grow plants, the Smart Pillars ™.  This product has been possible considering the flexibility of our Fytotextile® system, which makes it possible to install it in difficult areas and surfaces. Between other benefits, our system also provides the aeration needed to plants radicular systems to be developed properly. This combined with the correct plant selection is aiming to improve air quality around.

London lamp posts go green!


The pilot project has been launched on July 1st with Property Developer Grosvenor Britain & Ireland and it features x6 Smart Pillars at Ebury Street, Belgravia.

Pollution levels of these lamp posts at Belgravia are being monitored by Greenwich University, to assess the benefits that the pilot scheme brings. The environmental impact of the lamp posts installed will be also monitored by the University of Greenwich using high accuracy monitoring equipment, and collaborating with Grosvenor’s participation in the London Air Quality Network, separately run by Kings College London.


And how it works?

This system has been thoughtfully designed to be self-sufficient: All green lamp posts are provided with a high-efficiency solar panel to recharge the system battery source. The integrated irrigation controller is got also a rechargeable battery system and a recirculated irrigation system with a submersible pump. Therefore, there is a minimum water wastage as any excess irrigation water is recycled! Our advanced Fytotextile® modular system with high water retention capacity has been specially designed to wrap perfectly around any curved street post and structure. Also, a bespoke planting palette has been selected for aiding biodiversity and pollution mitigation.


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