Outdoor living walls at Parliament Hill School, London

These fantastic continued outdoor living walls were installed at a school in London during summer 2018 by Scotscape with Terapia Urbana Fytotextile® modules.


Where better to start improving air quality in big polluted cities?

The school has increased the green surfaces also taking advantage of the roofs, installing green roofs and making this an exciting project located in the London Borough of Camden.

The installation of these outdoor living walls has been part of the £30m redevelopment project of the Parliament Hill School, where attended by over 1,250 students between 11 to 18 years, and we can’t think of a better investment for young people!


While creating a beautiful contrast, the biophilic design looks for including natural elements in urban spaces, to restore the human connection with nature. It could be many ways to do it in your project or design, but for sure green façades and living walls are one of the strongest solutions mainly when the available space is an issue!

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