Outdoor living wall in Malaga Shopping centre

This outdoor living wall in Malaga, was installed at Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre in march 2019. The installation has a total of 285 square meters and more than 12.000 outdoor species, that have been selected according to climatic criteria. During the installation, these plants were settled at Terapia Urbana Fytotextile® modules.

The installation has been done by the company Oasis Urbano, according to the technical project drafted by Terapia Urbana.


This shopping center has gone for a sustainable and original merchandising: incorporating their logo to a harmonic and colorful living wall


This outdoor living wall in Malaga for Plaza Mayor shopping centre was carried out in February 2019 with the specialized urbanism, architecture and engineering studio EdP.

While creating a beautiful contrast, the biophilic design looks for including natural elements in urban spaces, to restore the human connection with nature. It could be many ways to do it in your project or design, but for sure green façades and living walls are one of the strongest solutions mainly when the available space is an issue!


At Terapia Urbana, we offer our experience and technical knowledge, to guide you in all the process, from the design to the installation. We would be glad to help you!