Outdoor Living Wall at CAB Facilities in Estepona

Exterior Living Wall at the CAB Facilities in Estepona, J.A. Pineda


An outdoor living wall of 49.45 m² in the municipal building of the Club Amigos del Baloncesto” (CAB) of Estepona in the Sports Pavilion “J.A. Pineda” was installed in October 2020 by Agrojardín.

The living wall consists of 1734 plants in total and 22 different species that help improve environmental biodiversity.


The images are from the day of installation and in spring the plants will be fully developed and will cover the wall.


Inspiration and idea

The landscape design is inspired by the geometric drawings of the Russian architect, theater designer, and painter Alexander Vesnin.

The idea arose from the drawing on the other side of the façade of the municipal sports facility in Estepona. The background of the drawing has geometric shapes of different colors and some black and white rays behind a group of athletes.


The design

Apart from the geometric shapes that exist in landscape design, which offer coherence to the facade of the building, the colors of the plants are also representative. The yellow/ orange Heuchera has been used to fill in the 3 rays running through the design. These rays represent the vitality and energy that athletics offers in human beings physically, psychologically, and ethically. Furthermore, the different colors of the leaves (Heuchera ‘Plum Royale’, Euonymus fortunei, Senecio cineraria, etc.) and the flowers (Armeria maritima, Campanula sp., Erodium variabile Roseum, Vinca minor f. alba, etc.) represent the positive experiences that sport and the active lifestyle bring, playing an important role in the lives of young people or adults.


Sunlight Study


It was necessary to carry out a sunlight study to estimate the hours of direct and indirect natural light that the living wall will receive during the different seasons. This study is based on a 3D simulation and helps in the selection of suitable plants based on their needs for light. In this case, the living wall is south-east facing and receives mainly direct sunlight in the afternoon (more hours in summer and fewer hours in winter).


Microclimatic Study


When talking about an outdoor living wall, the Terapia Urbana team studies in detail the different factors that can affect the development of the plants. The specialized personnel is gathering all the necessary information on the average climate, but also the local climatic conditions and the “Plant Hardiness Zone” of the area, which can affect the irrigation, fertilization, and maintenance of the living wall.


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