Outdoor Living Wall at the Airport of Zurich

One of the largest outdoor living walls in Zurich, the heart of Europe


At the largest international airport in Switzerland, Zurich Airport, located in the heart of Europe, it was carried out the first stage of the outdoor living wall of the project called “The Circle” with a total area of 430 m².


In this first stage, a 194.55 m2 outdoor living wall was installed and the project has been carried out by Zurich Airport and Ramseier & Associates Ltd. while the installation of the living wall has been successfully completed in September 2020 by Hydroplant AG.


The technical project was provided by Terapia Urbana using our Fytotextile® RF modular system with Bs2d0 fire reaction classification. Fytotextile personalized modules have been designed in order to fulfill the goal of full coverage of the concrete wall.


This green infrastructure meets a wide range of different requirements such as a special substructure at a distance from the concrete wall making it accessible for inspection, floor inclination, a short distance from the tramway, elevated wind exposure, and areas with different sun exposure.


Advanced remotely controlled irrigation technology has also been used in this living wall. The irrigation system guarantees optimal water consumption by giving necessary information such as the humidity levels of the substrate at different levels of the garden, the temperature near its surface, the pH levels, EC values, and possible incidences through specific sensors.


Currently “The Circle” project is one of the largest living walls in Switzerland, offering a 36.43 m long “Green welcome”, at Zurich Airport.


A total of 7462 plants and 9 different types of plants combined in different matrices, with an average of more than 36 plants per m2, have been accommodated by the flexible pockets of the Fytotextile ® system. The different types of plants were selected based on the microclimatic conditions of the area and a previous sunlight study taking into account the hours of direct and indirect sunlight received from the living wall throughout the day in the different seasons. The matrices consist of nine evergreen covering plants, as well bushy plants such as Geranium macrorrhizum, Vinca minor, Waldsteinia fragarioides and Lonicera nitida.


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