Outdoor Living Wall at Mount Gurugú, Santander

The residents of this traditional Santander neighborhood will no longer have to climb more than one hundred steps, and also they have gained a beautiful outdoor living wall at Mount Gururú!

This refurbishment to incorporate escalators and ramps to Mount Gurugú was done during 2018. The building works have gone from the beginning of the street, behind the San Martín bus stop, to Canalejas. However, the works haven’t finished until February 2019, when the final step of the project was completed with the living wall at the top.

Terapia Urbana designed the outdoor living wall at Mount Gurugú counts with an interesting planting palette. This sunny spot allows planting different species with bright colors and plenty of flowers. Therefore, species like Heuchera ‘Fire alarm’  with red-pink leaves and stems, Senecio cineraria or Cerastium tormentosum with their grayish color, are nicely contrasting with the daisies of Erigeron karvinskianus.

Installation was carried out by our local installer Jardinería Diego, using the Fytotextile®  modular system. Its technical characteristics make it a reliable, customizable system, and very easy and quick installation, ensuring proper maintenance over time. In addition, Fytotextile achieves plant walls with excellent development in a short time. This result can be checked in the images of the newly installed project.


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