Outdoor Living Wall at Levante square, Bilbao

This harmonic and integrated outdoor living wall was installed at the façade of a frontón court in Levante square, with a total of 320 m² of green surface at the center of Deusto neighborhood in Bilbao.

The landscape design was carried out by Terapia Urbana in collaboration with URBASER, the installer company, and incorporates local elements such as the typical cliffs of the area and the local architecture, therefore integrating nature and tradition.

Species selection has been done looking at the different orientations of the wall where the living wall has been installed, creating a vertical landscape where more than 8,900 plants of 37 different species are combined, which supposes an important biodiversity injection to a neighborhood environment. This outdoor living wall was inaugurated at the end of 2015 by Bilbao city hall.


The technical Project was easily resolved, considering the flexibility of our Fytotextile® system, which, therefore makes it possible to install it in difficult areas. We hope that you had liked the result! If you are a designer, installer o you are thinking of giving a fresh and natural-looking to your house or office, don´t hesitate it…

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