Living Walls for the Elements project, in Puerto Portals in Mallorca


It is a building built in 1968, which formerly used as a hotel, and currently Domus Vivendi Prime in Mallorca has built 31 homes with prime segment quality. The name of the project is Elements, in Portals Nous, and it has received the International Property Award 2020/21, a globally recognized trademark for its architectural excellence.


Six living walls have been installed indoors and outdoors; Four interior living walls in the Entrance Hall of 27.54 m², a living wall in the Spa area of 9.92 m², and an exterior living wall on the north façade of 19.35 m height and 42.26 m².


All living walls, with a total area of 78.9 m², were installed and maintained by Cultivos PIMA Jardinería y Servicios using the Fytotextile® modular system and supported by the technical department of Terapia Urbana.


Technical solutions, planting designs, and auxiliary lighting for living walls


All the technical solutions, the planting designs, the study and the proposal of the auxiliary lighting for the living walls were carried out by the expert staff of Terapia Urbana.


The importance of auxiliary lighting


Auxiliary lighting is extremely important in indoor facilities where tropical and subtropical plants are used, supporting their development and growth as well as flowering. In this project, the lighting needs of an olive tree installed indoors were also considered.


Previous sunlight studies help to estimate the natural light that a living wall receives and its need for auxiliary lighting. According to our R + D + i studies and experimental studies published by the research group AGR-268 of Urban Greening and Biosystems Engineering (Naturib) of the University of Seville, correctly designed lighting must satisfy the plants’ needs and please the human eye.


As our client, we are happy and proud of the impressive results of the indoor and outdoor livings walls that give a sense of calm reinforced by the biophilic design.


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