Living Walls and Green Roofs in the BBVA tower in Bilbao

Exterior Living walls and Green Roofs on floors 1 and 7 of the BBVA tower in the Plaza Circular in Bilbao


In October 2020, Jardinería Diego, the company that carried out the assembly of the living walls and the green roofs, installed two extensive green roofs of almost 300 m2 on floors 1 and 7 of the BBVA tower in Bilbao, using the system by Zinco.


On floor 7, 260 m2 of living wall have been installed using our Fytotextile® modular system with the technical support of  Terapia Urbana for each step of the installation, as well as for all previous studies.


On the green roof on the 1st floor, there are low maintenance lawns and on the 7th floor, there are shrubs and grasses that follow the designing idea of the living walls.


BYCAM, Servicios Edificios e Infraestructuras S.A. was awarded the work and was the consulting company collaborating with the architects of IDOM.


The living walls on the 7th floor of the BBVA tower, in Bilbao, transposes an acoustic closure of the facilities bench.


A total of 3708 outdoor plants supplied by Corma and 23 different plant types, with an average of more than 44 plants per m2, had been used for the living walls.


The plant selection was based on Bilbao’s Plant Hardiness zone, the various orientations of the living walls, their exposure, and the distance (near or far) between observers (eg, in the street or direct contact) and the living walls.


A previous sunlight study was carried out, using 3D simulation, in order to specify the hours of direct and indirect sunlight received from each facade of the living walls, as well as from the green roofs, throughout the day in different seasons.


The landscape design of the living walls consists of 7 different matrices. The various matrices incorporate distinct types of plants distributed, in different percentages, uniformly in all living walls. The matrices consist of a higher percentage of accent plants with volume (Lonicera sp., Euonymus fortunei, etc.) and also cover plants (Campanula portenschlagiana, Hedera helix, etc.).


Advanced irrigation technology has been used with an environmentally friendly recirculated irrigation system.

The irrigation system guarantees optimal water consumption by giving necessary information such as the humidity levels of the substrate at different levels of the living walls, the temperature near their surface, the pH levels, EC values, and possible incidents through special sensors.


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