Outdoor living wall at Bulevar Salvador Allende, Alcobendas

Alcobendas City Hall has shown its willingness for innovating, installing an outdoor living wall at Salvador Allende Bulevar, which covers a total surface of 43 m².

Installation was carried out with Fytotextile® modules by the company Paimed, in December 2015. Our system makes possible to design and built, either indoor or outdoor living wall, performing the best professional results. Its technical characteristics make it a reliablecustomizableand easy installation and maintenance system, and therefore able to achieve optimum plant development in a very short time.

Landscape design has been inspired by the traffic that goes through the bulevar every day, including car lights. A total of 1.353 plants of diverse species have been chosen in detail considering the solar exposition of each area, general climate zone, and how each plant will develop in different positions.

A special auxiliary structure was needed for the project, to fix it properly to the wall and be able to hang the system from the wrought of the car parking ubicated behind of the bricks wall. It was also added a specially made base to the wall, using ‘corten’ steel sheet. The gutter, incorporated in the base, collects the excess of water of the wall and is connected to the drainage net.


As a result, the combination of plants, corten steel and the water going through it, make this wall special and a strong urban landscaping element that improves the aesthetic value of the pedestrian walk beside the wall.


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