Living Wall in Open Patio in London

Outdoor Living walls in an open Patio in London


Two outdoor living walls of 25 m² were successfully installed by the polish company Hadart on two open patios in London. The technical project has been carried out by Terapia Urbana using our modular Fytotextile®  system and lost irrigation solution.


These two living walls of 7m height are divided into an upper and lower level due to building construction requirements.

The living wall host 2393 plants in total with 14 different plant types forming a plant list which consists of evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous plant species, such as Carex evergold, Liriope muscari, Hedera sp., Pachysandra terminalis, etc.

The plant selection

The plant selection is based on the “Plant Hardiness Zone” of London in the UK and a previous sunlight study focused on the living wall area that indicates plant species that prefer shaded areas.
The use of 7 planting matrices, combining shade-tolerant plants, throughout the wall, divides the area with a naturalistic approach, providing a calm design.

The Design

The two living walls have the same plastic movements based on their curviness on the rays of the few direct sunlight hours.
The upper part of every living wall is connected with the lowest part in order to achieve a design with coherence.


Are you thinking of including a living wall in your project and need professional technical advice? Do not hesitate and contact us!