Living wall at the ASICS headquarters

Physical fitness, health and well-being are the first things that come to mind when we think of a global sports brand. That is why ASICS seeks to transmit and reinforce these concepts in its new corporate image.

Living wall at the ASICS headquarters

Asics is incorporating vertical and suspended gardens in its global office and commercial spaces. Scotscape is the company that is responsible for its installation and maintenance.

The vertical garden at its Amsterdam headquarters has been developed with the Fytotextile® living wall system.

The Fytotextile® system is a system for designing and building vertical gardens with high technical performance, which ensures the best professional results.

Its technical characteristics make it a reliable, customizable system, and very easy and quick installation, ensuring proper maintenance over time.

A commitment to sustainability

This initiative is part of the sports brand’s commitment to sustainability and biophilic design. Plants improve well-being, comfort, concentration and productivity in work environments.

By introducing nature into the design, ASICS allows both workers and customers to connect with living elements. In this way, the biophilic need is met by improving the mood of the people.

ASICS is carrying out this proposal in numerous stores in several European cities, such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Cologne, Copenhagen, London or Berlin.

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The Fytotextile® vertical garden system has been successfully installed in more than 7,000 m² of vertical gardens all over the world.

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