Living Wal on the façade of the Ciudad Real City Hall

The first Outdoor Living Wall in the Ciudad Real region


A living wall with the Fytotextile® system has been installed on one of the facades of the Ciudad Real City Council, a project within the EDUSI “Ciudad Real 2022 Eco-Integrator and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Apart from the result that offers an additional aesthetic value and reinforces a biophilic result, the vertical garden acts as a bioclimatic thermal envelope corresponding to the energy rehabilitation of the town hall building.


The installation of the vertical garden was carried out in October 2020 by Agrojardín. The technical project has been carried out by Terapia Urbana using standard and customized Fytotextile® modules, adapted to the requirements of the vertical garden.


The living wall on the façade of the Ciudad Real City Council contributes to mitigating the heat island effect by helping to lower the high temperatures


A total of 2597 outdoor plants with 20 different types of plants, with an average of more than 45 plants per m2. The selection of plants is based on the microclimatic conditions of the area, the “Plant Hardiness Zone“, the orientation, and a previous sunlight simulation. The hours of direct and indirect natural light received from each level throughout the day in the different seasons have been taken into account. The challenge of this vertical garden was that the upper part receives many hours of direct sun compared to the lower part which is considered shady.


An organic design was applied with flowing natural shapes consisting of wavy vertical lines connecting the upper part with the lower part of the living wall.


Advanced remotely controlled irrigation technology has been used. An environmentally friendly recirculation system guarantees optimal water consumption by giving necessary information such as the humidity levels of the substrate at different levels of the garden, the temperature near its surface, the pH levels, EC values and possible incidences through sensors.


An innovative project that acts as an example for cities that want to improve their biodiversity and help address the disadvantages of the heat island phenomenon.


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