Outdoor Living Walls in private building at Recoletos, Madrid

The installation of two outdoor living walls was part of the rehabilitation project of a classic residential building at Recoletos 8, Madrid.

Living walls in a private building

The project was developed by the studio CANO Y ESCARIO Arquitectura. With a total of 91.82 m² of green surface, they decided to add two outdoor living walls with our Fytotextile® system.

The biggest one is located in the central patio with access and views of all flats around. The other living wall was installed at a private rooftop, where together with a pool they have created a perfect space for their owners to relax.

The Fytotextile® system is a system for designing and building vertical gardens with high technical performance, which ensures the best professional results.

Its technical characteristics make it a reliable, customizable system, and very easy and quick installation, ensuring proper maintenance over time. In addition, Fytotextile achieves plant walls with excellent development in a short time. This result can be checked in the images of the newly installed project.


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