Indoor curved living wall at DGNB HQ’s, Stuttgart

Incorporating living walls to indoor environments improves the contact between people and nature and we can also obtain interesting effects from the point of view of interior design, the improvement of environmental quality and aesthetic benefits for those who can enjoy it. This is the case of the indoor curved living wall installed at DGNB offices (German Council for Sustainable Building) in Stuttgart. The small, original and curved wall was designed by Terapia Urbana, using Fytotextile® modular system. The installation was carried out by Art Aqua.

With 5,25 m2  of nature on this corridor, the German Council for Sustainable Building incorporates a great solution, bringing fresh air while decorating this curved surface. The design, inspired by a famous paint of Van Gogh: ‘The starry night’ was mainly represented with species like Philodendron scandens, Marantas and Soleirolia soleirolii between others, offering soft textures and shapes on top of a natural background. Therefore, they are supporting what the promote; sustainable buildings.

The green wall works with a lost water irrigation system, and all the auxiliary engineering to guarantee its correct watering. Together with the fertilization tank, all parts are integrated at the technical cabinet, located at the back of the garden.


Nature inspires us and brings us health and benefits!

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