Outdoor living wall installed at Posejdon building

Living wall installed at Posejdon building; This building is widely recognized as one of the most environmentally-friendly facilities in Poland, mainly due to the use of many modern technological solutions reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.


It is the largest energy-efficient facility currently under construction in Poland (NZEB – Nearly-Zero Emission Building), and also, it has the largest outdoor, realized in one plane, living wall with 150 m2 of the green surface.


The largest green wall in Poland!

The installation was carried out the last September, by our partner Hadart and using Fytotextile® modular system.

A total of 6500 plants were planted, more than 43 plants per m2 to built this beautiful wall. The different species and varieties were chosen by Terapia Urbana taking into account the sun exposition of each area during the day. This wall has been also provided with an advanced irrigation system with humidity and temperature sensors and also, a special tank has been installed to take advantage of the rainwater!


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