More than 200 square meters of Fytotextile living wall was installed last March at a prestigious hotel in London: Royal Lancaster.

Living wall installed in a well-known hotel


Part of the hotel´s goals was creating a more sustainable and hospitality environment both inside and outside the building and they figured out that incorporating landscaping could bring the positive benefits of plants to customers.

That´s why part of the works included the installation of an outdoor living wall. Measuring 220m2, this wall wraps the hotel from the main entrance until around the ramp which leads to the car park.

With an elegant and stable design, this outdoor living wall combines different textures and green tones. Also, creates a beautiful contrast with materials as granite and stainless steel.


The Fytotextile® system is a system for designing and building vertical gardens with high technical performance, which ensures the best professional results.

Its technical characteristics make it a reliable, customizable system, and very easy and quick installation, ensuring proper maintenance over time. In addition, Fytotextile achieves plant walls with excellent development in a short time. This result can be checked in the images of the newly installed project.


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