Outdoor Living Wall at Delfinario Marineland

This beautiful living wall was installed at Marineland dolphinarium, Mallorca, with a total of 22 m² of green surface at the end of 2017.

Since then, Fytotextile® modular system is covering the background of one of the dolphinarium grade, destinated to guest visitors during the different shows. With curved and organic shapes, the design combines species suitable with weather conditions and living wall orientation. The wall is also following the tropical style of the dolphinarium resort.

Landscape design was carried out by the Terapia Urbana, and between the different varieties, species like Lampranthus spectabilis or Agapanthus africanus stand out from the rest for their exotic shape and origin.


Fytotextile® system, designs and builds vertical gardens of high quality, which ensures the best professional results.

Its technical characteristics are modified in a reliable, customizable system, and very easy and fast installation. It is a system of high technical performance, which ensures simple maintenance over time. In addition, with Fytotextile plant walls are achieved with excellent development in a very short time.

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