Indoor Living Wall in Vapiano, Barcelona

Interior living wall at the Vapiano restaurant in Barcelona

The historic restaurant Cosmos de la Rambla, in Barcelona, gave way to the Italian Restaurant Vapiano. One of its walls is covered by a living wall of 13,62 m² with 627 tropical and subtropical plants including among other Epipremnum falcifolium aureum, Chlorophytum laxum y Asplenium nidus, forming a selection of foliar interest with minimal flowering according to the requirements of the client.


Installation of the Living Wall


The installation was carried out by the Babilon company, using the Fytotextile® modular system and an irrigation system with recirculated solution. Auxiliary lighting was also installed due to the lack of natural light, in order to help the correct development and growth of plants.


The plant selection

The selection of species has been carried out taking into account that the living wall is located at a distance from the window with a southwest orientation, which receives little natural light. Taking into account the installation of auxiliary lighting, all species are suitable for average lighting conditions, suitable for partial shade.


The idea and the Vapiano logo


The idea of landscape design is to achieve a quiet and welcoming result that brings tranquility to the room. That is why the list of plants consists of 9 different types of plants with foliar interest and different shades of green. It will be lodged on the surface of the garden, the Vapian logo, therefore, a resistant species has been provided and is suitable for shadow conditions for the central area of the wall where the corporate advertising sign is expected to be installed.


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