Indoor living wall in Munich, Germany

This indoor living wall in Germany is formed by three indoor living walls located in the biggest world headquarters (4700 m2) of Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover’s CEO Prof. Dr. Ralf Speth said: “With the opening of our new statement site, we set yet another milestone for Jaguar Land Rover. Not only is it the world’s largest Jaguar Land Rover retailer, but it is also a real breakthrough project. This applies as much to service as it does to design, architecture, materials and quality. The customers in Munich and beyond can look forward to a very special experience.”

Fytotextile® is a system prepared to design and build living walls that ensures the best professional results.

A total of 420 m2 has been dedicated to this indoor living wall in Germany in this project for Jaguar Land Rover., receiving the BREEAM sustainable certification. Once you access to the hall all visitors are received by one of the living walls, the biggest one. These walls are following an organic and natural design, with species selected by their foliage interest mainly, contrasting different sizes, shapes and green tones.

What make nature added to indoor spaces? Which is the benefit of adding plants into indoor spaces?

*Incorporating nature into indoor environments, make us to connect with alive elements, and make stronger our biophilic needs and, also, adding wellbeing, inspiring and make us happier!

*To incorporate green walls makes possible to create healthy and sustainable environments, connecting nature with urban areas, improving living quality and people health.

* Incorporating nature into indoor façades, via green walls, offers an interesting range of possibilities for the interior design.