Indoor Living Wall in Ginkgo Sustainability Inc. Offices

Indoor Living Wall in Ginkgo Sustainability Inc. Offices in Canada


This 12 m² indoor living wall with 581 tropical and subtropical plans was installed at Ginkgo Sustainability Inc. Offices in Etobicoke, Canada.


Installation of indoor living wall


The installation was carried out by Ginkgo Sustainability Inc., using the Fytotextile® modular system and a lost water irrigation system. LED auxiliary illumination was also proposed and provided by Terapia Urbana, due to the lack of natural light, in order to help the correct development and growth of the plants.


The technical Project was easily resolved, considering the flexibility of our Fytotextile® system, which makes it possible to install it in difficult areas both indoors and outdoors.


The plant selection

The plant selection is based on indoor room conditions. A room without direct sunlight but with appropriate auxiliary illumination, stable temperature, and relative humidity are expected to give an appropriate climate for the chosen evergreen ornamental plants with a bushy, climbing, clump-forming, or creeping/vining habit.


Planting strategy

The idea of the landscape design is based on the objective of achieving a result that captures the attention of the visitor with the performance of the different plant species and their combination. The lines of the drawing have a vertical and curvy development along the green wall, generating a fluid composition.
The different flower-, leaf-colors, and textures function as accent elements that attract interest.


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