This project was the first indoor living wall installed in Cádiz’s old town. The living wall is in the patio of a Palace House which has been recently rehabilitated as Touristic Apartments.

The historic building has a total of four floors (ground floor and three levels), and the living wall is located on a wall of the central patio. Around this patio are distributed the apartments of the three floors.

The structure of the green wall is organized on three levels, starting from the ground floor, with two small sections integrated within the pre-existing archways of the central wall.  It continues until the second floor, highlighting the verticality of this space. This indoor living wall gets some natural lighting through a skylight window, that is crowning the roof.

The design of the living wall is inspired by sailor motifs; like waves, the sea and sailboats, distributed among the 3 sections, with a continued design and reinforcing the vertical connection of these. This comes from a clear allusion to the name “El Armador” and the theme of the hotel, which evokes the historic sailor tradition of Cádiz, in constant relationship with the sea.


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