Indoor living walls, divided into different sections, were installed at Orchidarium Estepona in March 2015.  This stunning building of three cupolas hosts a total of 126 square meters of the Fytotextile® modular system. The largest walls, with 60 y 40 m2, have been installed on both sides of a spectacular waterfall that presides over the central space of this unique botanic center, built by the City Council of Estepona.

In addition to the green facades that presides the upper part of the curved wall in the main building, a small living wall of 10 m2 was installed on the ground floor. Also, two mobile double-sided systems of 2×2 m2 were designed to be natural room dividers.

In order to be sustainable, the irrigation system of the main walls is set in a recirculated irrigation system, taking advantage of the water exceeded. The system is connected to the accumulation tanks where the water already used in irrigation is recovered, treated, purified and reused again in new irrigation cycles. The system has a remote control system, which monitors the indoor temperature of the building, humidity levels of the substrate at different points, and pH & conductivity of the irrigation solution used.

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