Indoor living wall at Plexal’s Offices

This double-side indoor living wall was installed at Plexal’s Offices in UK.

Installation of indoor living wall

The works were carried out by our partner Scotscape Ltd, using Fytotextile® modular system and a lost water irrigation system.

The technical Project was easily resolved, considering the flexibility of our Fytotextile® system, which makes it possible to install it in difficult areas both indoors and outdoors.

It could be seen in the pictures that even if the wall has just been planted, it presents a proper coverage and density. This is one of the advantages of the system most valued from our clients, getting a green and stable surface from the beginning.

We hope that you had liked the result! If you are a designer, installer o you are thinking of giving a fresh and natural-looking to your house or office, don´t hesitate it…


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