Garden roofs at Asics store on Oxford Street

These landscaped roofs can be found in the ASICS store on the well-known London street, Oxford Street.

Landscaped roofs for sustainable design

Nature is the protagonist in the new interior design of the ASICS stores.

In the case of the Oxford Street store, this concept is materialized through a live roof with a hydroponic system developed by Terapia Urbana for Scotscape Ltd.

The consumer shopping experience is thus reinforced by the vital need to connect with nature or biophilia. Connecting with green spaces and other living beings brings physical and psychological well-being.

The landscaped roofs also contribute to the improvement of air quality and the retention of volatile organic compounds.

The installation of this system is present in many ASICS stores in several European cities, such as CopenhagenParisBrusselsAmsterdamCologne or Berlin.

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