Garden facade in Asics store in Cologne

This garden facade project represents the values ​​of the sports brand ASICS in its commitment to the promotion of biodiversity.

Landscaped facade with hanging planters

These hanging planters are installed on the facade of the ASICS store in the city of Cologne (Germany).

Its arrangement forms a garden facade, which incorporates nature in its premises. This is part of the design concept of the new stores, focused on the philosophy “healthy mind in healthy body”. In this way, the aim is to create an innovative and sophisticated shopping experience for the client.

With the installation of this garden facade in the store, the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions are reduced. In this way, the brand puts into practice its corporate social responsibility in a manner that respects the environment. Thanks to this design concept, ASICS defines its new image in a powerful way.

ASICS is carrying out this proposal in numerous stores in several European cities, such as CopenhagenParisBrusselsLondonBerlin or Amsterdam.

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