Exterior Living Wall at the University of Plymouth

Outdoor Living Wall at the Plymouth University, in London


These two living walls are designed, installed, and maintained by the Scotscape Smartscape Team, and use the Terapia Urbana, Fytotextile® system. The gardens measure a total of 58.5 m² and are installed at the University of Plymouth in London.


The advantage of the flexibility of the Fytotextile® system 


The largest of the two living walls uses the flexibility of the Fytotextile® system to full advantage, following the initial curved lines of the structure. Thus, the vertical garden wraps around completely the entrance of the ‘Sustainability Hub’ building on campus.

Even if the installation of the gardens was carried out in the depths of winter (2019), the planting has now developed extensively due to the multiple advantages of the system.


The design and the plants


The landscape design follows curvy lines with defined zones where one plant type is placed. This planting method creates a strong design where the different textures and colors of the leaves and flowers are defined.


Some of the plant types selected are Polystichum polyblepharum, Iris foetidissima, Liriope muscari, and Pachysandra terminalis. The plant list consists of plants also been chosen for their suitability to survive well in the coastal environment.


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