Nowadays, it has become increasingly necessary to incorporate natural elements into the design of buildings and interior spaces, especially in urban areas where nature is scarce.

An effective solution is the installation of indoor vertical gardens

Indoor vertical gardens offer the opportunity to maintain contact with nature within buildings, providing renewed air, a reduction in ambient temperature, and a more harmonious atmosphere. There is a significant research that has shown that green spaces are particularly beneficial for improving people’s mood, concentration and creativity.

A study by the University of Exeter found that offices that incorporate plants and other natural elements in their design are 15% more productive compared to workspaces that lack these elements. The incorporation of indoor vertical gardens is one of the best ways to efficiently and cost-effectively integrate natural elements into the design of buildings.

In addition, the use of vertical garden systems that adapt to the needs and requirements of each space allows for a personalized and appropriate solution for each particular case, adding life and beauty to spaces while fulfilling the objective of creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly environments.

Indoor vertical gardens generate significant benefits for the environment and the people who inhabit them.

Indoor vertical gardens also help improve air quality by absorbing harmful gases and releasing oxygen, which is especially important in enclosed spaces. They can also serve as acoustic and thermal insulation, reducing noise and energy loss.

We help you in the design of both indoor and outdoor vertical gardens. We focus on developing personalized and appropriate solutions in terms of design, maintenance, and characteristics of the vertical gardens so that they integrate perfectly into the spaces in which they are installed and meet the needs of each project.

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