Reliable tested system

Fytotextile® livingwall system consists of industrially produced flexible multilayer modules that are connected to a metallic framework fixed to a supporting wall. The modules consist of a matrix of pockets for plants of the living wall, where they are placed including their own growing medium, facilitating plants adaptation and development.

The system allows to check the watering line easily making its maintenance simple. Fytotextile suits vertical gardens of medium and large size. The installation system is easy and professional.

Fytotextile® system was successfully installed in more than 22,000 m2 of living walls in more than 20 international markets.

The system elements

3_detalles de sistema de jardin vertical

Auxiliary structure

4-instalación  sistema de jardin vertical

Module-Structure connection

mantenimiento sistema riego jardin vertical

Controllable watering

6-plantas para jardin vertical

The species of adapted plants 42-49 pc per m2

Irrigation schemes

Our team will offer the most suitable solution for your project according to specifications of each installation.

Closed Circuit Scheme

This scheme suits large and very large surfaces of vertical gardens (>90 m²). In this scheme, extra water is left for watering in a closed circuit connected to reservoirs, where water is reused for green wall watering after treatment. Water and electrical supply in the technical room are necessary for auxiliary installations, reservoirs, and advanced control.

Lost Solution Scheme

This scheme suits small and medium surfaces of vertical gardens (up to 85-90 m²). in this scheme, extra water is not left, because the system is connected right to the drain. Water and electrical supply in the technical cabinet are necessary for auxiliary installations.

Basic technical requirements

Acometida agua jardin vertical Water point


 Technical Cabinet*

(The dimensions depend on the irrigation scheme)

 Drain Point

 Additional lighting*

(Depending on the lighting conditions)