Fytotextile System 2018-v2 (portada)

Fytotextile® system Data sheet


Discover in this dossier all the technical features that differentiate our Fytotextile® system for vertical gardens, from the rest of solutions in the market.

Portada Projects Dossier 2019 (ENG)

Projects Dossier


We have designed more than 16,000 m2 of living walls projects around the world, especially in Europe. Discover some of our installations in our dossier of projects.

Dossier Proyectos singulares 2017 V2 (ING)

Fytotextile® singular systems dossier


Fytotextile® singular systems are different green aplications based on Fytotextile technologie, like dividers, lianas, ceiling planters, columns or Smart Pillars®. Find out all the possibilities of integration of nature into your projects. 

Singular Projects dossier 2018 (ENG)

Singular Projects Dossier


These are the most unique projects of Terapia Urbana.

portada Prescriptor 2018-INGLES

Technical dossier for architects or designers

If you are a designer, engineer or architect we can help you with your living wall project. In this dossier you will find the way we collaborate with you to design the vertical garden most suitable for your project.

Technical Dossier for installer 2018-05

Technical dossier for installers

If you are a professional installer, and you need to install a vertical garden with guarantees, we offer you specialized technical support and the supply of our Fytotextile® system. Download this dossier to know how we can collaborate so that the result is a success.

Final customer technical briefing_2018-05

Technical dossier for private customers

Do you need a living wall for your home or business? We manage the entire process from design to final maintenance, selecting the installation company under our supervision. Find out in this dossier how we can help you.

Ep+¡grafes para Proyecto Jard+¡n Vertical Fytotextile-RF 2018

Technical description for projects of the Fytotextile® Living Wall


This dossier contains the technical specifications and project headings of our modular Fytotextile® Living Wall System.

Portada Dossier Slim-2018

Slimgreenwall® natural canvas dossier


Slimgreenwall® naturalized canvases are compact vertical garden systems that move nature into the spaces without the need for work, and with simple maintenance. Know in this dossier all the info about this elegant and reliable system.