Industrial production

Fytotextile® system of vertical gardens is produced in Seville in compliance with standards of constant improvement and strict quality control. Due to our own industrial production and in contrast with handicraft industry and installation, we can offer a professional system for green walls with high technology and a quality certificate.

Customized solutions

Acting as designers of our systems and through our direct production control, we can adapt our systems to each project needs. We perform customized developments of a green wall system with solutions satisfying the needs of each market and each project.

Awareness of sustainable development

We have sustainable obligations regarding local social and economic development and our nearest business environment. Fytotextile® systems of vertical gardens create workplaces with our local suppliers which is a key factor in our chain of values. Due to our geographic proximity, we decrease the influence on the environment through our production.

Ecological Trace

Fytotextile® system of vertical gardens has an Ecological Trace FVS mark of distinction assigned by the Foundation for Life with Sustainable Development. This mark of distinction is a result of an analysis of the life cycle of our system identifying products and companies that take a responsibility of the environment protection, sustainable development, and ecological trace decrease.

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