Seville University

We are a spin-off of the Seville University and collaborate with AGR-268- Urban Greening and Biosystem Engineering Research Grpoup (Naturib). Our first samples of vertical gardens appeared in 2006 in Urban Greening E.T.S.I.A. lab.

Scientific grounds

Our base is research. It enables us to develop the systems of vertical gardens to integrate nature into buildings and to create green cities based on research and experiments. Thus, we offer systems for specialists with maximal technical accuracy and guarantees.

Patents as a result of our work

Our Fytotextile® system for green walls is patented and is an exclusive product of Terapia Urbana. It is a result of the research that has been carried out in the Seville University since 2006, and the expertise of our engineering team after thousands of square meters of implemented projects.

Scientific publications

We collaborate with the Naturib Group in the sphere of such issues as watering, lighting, or substrates of greem facades. We analyze the benefit that they bring to the people and buildings where they are installed. Our researches are translated into the systems of vertical gardens with constant improvements to make buildings and cities green.

Publications on this issue